Womens Dresses – Women Special Occasion Dresses Like Business Suits & Church Suits


All women like to look at their radiant best while celebrating an occasion with their families and friends. Your dress for the evening can play a particularly crucial role in how you look. So it is important for all women to pay a lot of attention when they pick a dress for a special occasion. Nothing can boost your confidence like the compliments you receive for your choice of dress at a party. Women’s special occasion dresses are inclusive of evening formals, wedding guest invites, party and prom wear. Each special occasion mentioned has a certain charm to it and brings with it its own set of dressing guidelines.


Attending a prom can be one of your most magical nights ever and girls should be extremely picky when it comes to selecting their dress for the evening.  The key to looking good on a prom night is oozing elegance and the common choices among girls are usually the long dresses, which are classics and will remain that way for a long time. You can also try out strapless and shorter dress variations if you are in the mood to try out something different. Pink, black and red colored dresses never go out of trend and are ideally safe options to consider.

For business gatherings or formal party wear like award nights, the key to looking good is wearing something that looks both elegant and professional. Black can make you look great in long dresses. You can also try out drape and satin based wear for a formal evening party.

Dressing up for a party can be fun as it throws open a lot of options for you. You get the chance to experiment more and can use all kinds of dresses depending on the occasion.

Women church suites for women 

Earlier church suits for women were quite different from business suits, which were meant to look more impressive. Church suits on the other hand were designed to look simpler in tone, but the styling has evolved considerably over the years. You can go in for jacket or blouse based church suit with an inner shirt being optional. Women can also choose between skirts, dresses and pants when it comes to picking their attire for church suits. The options are several and decisions have to be made based on your  own style statement.


The working women today can choose between cardigans, suits, shell tanks, sheath dresses among other alternatives while going in for a business suit. The occasion can range from informal to formal and appropriate choices can be made to that effect. Most women stick to formal business colors, which are gray, black, blue and brown. Other colors like green and red or also considered business colors but their use is comparatively limited. Women have to also consider how they use bright colors like yellow and pink. If you are making a presentation at business conference, bright colors may end up being distracting for the audience over a long period of time. Collared solid color blouses worn along with a jacket can lend an air of credibility to your confidence as a working professional.