An advertisement is an announcement to sell consumer goods

An advertisement is an announcement in a newspaper, on internet ,on television, on radio or on a poster about a product event or jib vacancy. It shows the advantages or benefits of it and is likely to convince people that it is a good thing. Present age can safely be called Advertisement Age.  Nothing sells without ads. Scientific progress, progress in technologies and industrial growth have all promoted the industry of ads. In order to promote their goods, industrial houses and manufacturers have employed experts to prepare their ads. The present generation is so much conscious about what they wear, how they look etc. There is a large variety of men and women special occasion dresses, which are advertised in such a manner that the gap between the buyer and the seller is now reduced to minimum.

Women Special Occasion Dresses

Women Special Occasion Dresses

Everything sells, from business suits for women to women church suits. From a simple khadi kurta to a stylish funky pant. Thus advertising industry is perhaps the most flourishing industry these days. We find that a mad and maddening race is going on in this sphere. Many modes are being adopted to sell things and attract the consumer. Millions are being spent on ads to earn billions. The root cause of all this activity is globalization. Globalization has promoted consumerism. Manufacturers of all kinds of consumer goods, pharmaceutical companies, hotel industries, airways, newspapers, hospitals and even religious institutions have joined this mad and maddening race of advertisement. Young, innocent, simple and immature minds get attracted by their luring ads on television and in other modes of media. The young and the old remain glued to the television and internet in their respective bedrooms. Children became demanding whenever they see new and unheard of commodities.

Commercial ads are often deceptive but luring. Industrial houses spend millions to promote their products. Those millions are recovered from the consumer. Consequently prices of their goods soar higher and higher with each passing day. Attractive prizes are announced, beautiful slogans are invented to attract the consumers. As a result many of the products get out of the reach of a common man. This inability to buy new and novel items for their children leads to frustration and many crimes.

Industries pack their goods in such packing which are sparkling and interesting. The consumer is hypnotized by this glitter. Advertisement is the back bone of every industry whereas at times it is back breaking for the consumer.

Business suits for women, church suits for women

Business suits for women-church suits for women

Of late consumer has become wise, prudent and sagacious. He has come to know that most of the ads are deceptive. He has come to know that all that glitters is not gold. Now-a-days ‘selling does not buy anymore’. The manufacturers are at loss to know what has happened to their market. At the same time selling goods in a cost effective manner by the seller is picking trend. Most of the sellers are advertising themselves on internet, providing an easy access to the buyers of their product. This way the cost to the buyer is also reduced. So overall we can say no doubt advertisement which is by product of globalization might be deceptive but the consumer has be educated enough to understand what is right and what is wrong. The NGO’s can contribute by bringing awareness amongst the consumers and government can keep a check on the products and selling strategies of the sellers.