The World – difference between the old generation and the younger generation

The term “Generation Gap” is frequently used to express the difference between the old generation and the younger generation in their views ,attitudes and outlook towards life and all that goes to make life sublime ,beautiful and worth living. Both elderly people and the modern generation has become so rigid and inflexible in their opinions about men and matters that sometimes it seems impossible to bridge the ever widening gap between their opinions. Let us, by analyzing the character traits of the two groups ,see if the twain shall ever meet . It will help us to make the two warring groups reconcile and add to the pleasure and prosperity of each other.


Character traits of elderly people:
1. Elderly people firmly believe that their culture is far more superior to any other culture of the world.
2. They want to follow the customs and traditions which their forefathers left for them to follow. They don’t want to go against the norms and rules set by their forefathers.
3. They expect that their progeny should follow the footprints left by their forefathers on the sands of time.
4. They abhor and hate whatever is western like music, dress and behavior. They believe in simple living. They want women to dress simple and observe pardha even in 21st century. Pop songs and pop music is beyond their comprehension.
5. They think that the old values of their religion are vanishing fast and their religious beliefs are demolished by the modern generation.


Now let us ponder over the character traits of the new generation
1. Modern generation follows western music, dresses and code of conduct. The dressing and styling trends have changed and developed so much that there is a huge range of not just pants, shirts, suits and sarees but also business suits for women. Not just this, the market offers range from women special occasion dresses to even women church suits. The women who used to observe Pardha is today proudly contributing to the development of the nation.
2. But yes the present generation is at times self centered and displays disrespect towards elders.
3. Spiritual health of the modern generation is fast declining. Meditation, worship and yoga have taken secondary places. Honesty, integrity and hard work are rare commodities now.
4. Films and fashion shows are more important than visiting religious places and listening to discourses of saints and wise men.
5. Modern generation suffers from various unknown and unheard of lethal diseases. It is due to lack of exercise, unnatural food and in discipline in all aspects of life.


The twain can meet provided:
1. The elderly people and the young generation have a will to do it by understanding and appreciating one another’s view points
2. Tolerance, flexibility and re-conciliatory behavior are dire necessities to eliminate confrontation between the elderly people and the modern generation.